Consumer Complaint Form

We ask that you contact the business first to try and resolve your complaint. If you are unsuccessful, you may fill out this form. Any other supporting documentation can be emailed to or faxed to 303-441-4703. Please call 303-441-3700 with any questions or if you need assistance with this online form.

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Please answer the following questions:(About the business you are complaining about)
1. Have you contacted the business regarding the problem?
2. When you contacted the business regarding your issue, to whom did you speak? What was their response?
3. Have you already contacted the Community Protection Division? If so, with whom did you speak?
4. What type of transaction was it? (Purchase in a store, repair of a car, other type of repair, construction, yard work, electricity, phone, etc.?)
5. Where did the purchase take place? Where was the purchase made, service performed, or where did the money change hands?
6. What was the total price of the purchase or service? Did you negotiate and/or agree on price?
7. Was there a contract in this transaction? Was it signed by both parties? Where geographically was it signed?
8. Did you pay for the purchase or service in whole or in part? If so, how much did you pay?
9. If work was to be done over time, how much of the work has been completed to date? Was a date of completion discussed or written down, and if so what was the date?
10. Did you receive a written guarantee or warranty for the product or service?
11. What do you consider to be a satisfactory solution to your complaint?
12. Please tell us any details about your complaint not covered above.